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Our Guaranteed NO COST Consulting Solution

It’s difficult to be a consultant and not admit that we do illogical things that upset our prospects. But it is exactly those practices that shy businesses away from hiring us and making more money. Let’s examine some of these practices;

  1. Most consultants look at only one part of the business. A man with a hammer thinks everything is a nail. Many consultants have become experts in specific areas like LEAN, Six Sigma, or advanced manufacturing techniques but while they focus on increasing productive capacity or reducing waste they ignore marketing and / or the sales process. You hesitate to bring in productivity experts arguing that all they would do is lay off valuable employees. As a result you may struggle for long periods with stagnant or low sales.
  2. Consultant fees are high and considered a cost. Most consultants charge out at a “per diem” rate. This practice encourages them to take longer on a project in order to charge more. You are forced to grit your teeth as improvement projects drag on with no real benefits to the bottom line.
  3. Consultants ignore the “big” issues. Problems like lack of good skilled workers can create major constraints but many consultants just shrug them off and wait for you, the client to deal with them. Major limitations like these can actually stop your Company from growing.
  4. Big consultants work for big companies and charge big fees. If you’re a small or medium sized business you have problems that need to be fixed just like the big guys. But being small makes it almost impossible to justify paying the fees that most consulting companies charge. The ROI (return on investment) just isn’t there. So you’re stuck in the “small business” world.

Any one of the above reasons would be enough to avoid consultants completely!

Your Conflict

You must strive to continuously increase profits and although you know there are consultants that could help you, but you are conflicted:

On one hand you must… REDUCE COSTS and SAVE MONEY

On the other hand you must … ENSURE OPERATIONAL PERFORMANCE

Reduce Costs
to Increase Profits

  • Wait for higher sales to justify a consultant
  • Keep costs down
  • Wait to deal with the big issues like hiring skilled workers because these problems are too expensive to solve.
  • Use experience from within and save money.
  • Reduce investment risks.

Ensure Operational Performance to Increase Profits

  • Get higher sales now.
  • Gain benefits from a consultant.
  • Deal with the big issues like the lack of skilled workers NOW!
  • Use the experiences of an outside consultant to learn new tactics and strategies.
  • Hope for a high ROI be engaging a consultant.

To break this conflict we must create a solution that deals with all of these issues.

Criteria for a Good Solution

  1. Ensure that sales and profit will rise NOW by dealing with big picture issues like lack of sales and getting good skilled workers.
  2. Guarantee a high return on your investment with a low risk.
  3. Keep your operating expense low as a percent of total profit.
  4. Increase your flexibility and responsiveness to change.
  5. Ensure sustainability in the long term.

Our Guaranteed NO COST Consulting Solution

  1. Ensure that sales and profit will rise NOW by dealing with big picture issues.

    We GUARANTEE an increase in profit capacity backed up by a penalty.

  2. Guarantee a high return on your investment with a low risk.

    We GUARANTEE at least a 2 x return on your investment in the first year or we lower our fees or work with you until you do.

  3. Keep your operating expense low as a percent of total profit.

    When capacity increases, you will have two choices;
    A) You can lay off managers and production employees or…
    B) We can show you how to SELL the extra capacity.
    The choice is YOURS!

  4. Increase your flexibility and responsiveness to change.

    We ensure flexibility and responsiveness because your experienced staff learn and buy into new strategies and techniques that have been tested, proven and used around the globe! If they don’t “buy in” to the change, we don’t implement!

  5. Ensure sustainability in the long term.

    Our program does NOT exclude small shops. Your fees are based on your returns and your gains in capacity not on some hourly or per diem rate. As long as you continue to see improvement to your bottom line and you see how further help could sustain your growth, you can justify our continued involvement.

Our ADVANCED Guaranteed NO COST Consulting Solution

  • Furthermore any fee increase above the base level is based on performance far above ROI expectations. For example; if you get a 4x return we only receive an additional 15% of the dollars represented by the difference between 3X and 4X.

Additional fees are paid only when they are justified by exceptional ROI performance.

  • You can measure this return on:
    1. Your reduction in operating expenses or
    2. Your increase in sales and net profit.

Depending on what you choose above.

A Real Life Example

  • A high technology company $7 million in sales had a 3 month lead time working overtime at 100% capacity and realized that production was the constraint.
    • We increased their capacity by over 50%
    • They chose to sell the capacity and sales increased to $11 million
    • Labor costs actually went down
    • Lead time was reduced to 3 weeks
    • Profitability rose by $1 million per year
    • Supervisors and managers bought into the changes to the extent that they feel another 50% increase in capacity is easily possible with minimal changes and if sales can keep up they will double revenue! 
    • Sales is now the constraint.
    • Base consulting fees of $60,000 were returned to them x 16!

Not looking for Guarantees?

No Problem

  • We offer Competitive pricing for;
    • Problem solving facilitation
    • Plant design and machine layout
    • Project management
    • Coaching
    • Customized Training
    • Training in all areas such as TOC (Theory of Constraints), Quality Assurance,
      LEAN and Six Sigma.

Terms and Conditions

  • Capacity is defined as the amount of throughput (sales minus truly variable costs) that your operation can generate if given the opportunity with the same personnel and operating expenses.
  • “Procrastination” is excluded as a reason for fee reimbursement.
  •  Financial information is to be made available.
  •  The project cannot be cancelled once started and contract signed. 
  •  Payment is made in the form of post dated cheques and any deemed reimbursements are paid by us to the client.
  • Traveling and out of pocket expenses are not part of the guarantee and are to be paid in full.

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