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The following is a list of our free business resources:

Extra Ordinary Guarantees

Read how one company increased sales by 33%

Download Extra-ordinary-Guarantees.pdf (65 kb)

Create the Mafia Offer

An offer so good, your Customers can't refuse it and your competition can't or won't match it.

Download Create-the-Unrefusable-Offer.pdf (65 kb)

Increasing Productivity and Avoiding Illogical Behavior

Find out how to find good skilled employees, price your products and services correctly and keep your projects on time, within budget and within scope.

Download Increasing-Productivity-and-avoiding-illogical-behavior.pdf (65 kb)

Assumptions that Cost You Money

Employees, efficiency and sales. Here are three wrong assumptions that cost your business a lot of money.

Download Assumptions-that-Cost-you-money.pdf (65 kb)

Shooting the Sitting Duck

Create a Mafia Offer so good that your customers flock to your business and you close sales like shooting sitting ducks!

Download Shooting-the-Sitting-Duck.pdf (65 kb)

Interview with Dr. Eli Goldratt

SupplyChainDigest’s editor Dan Gilmore’s interview with Dr. Eli Goldratt, father of the Theory of Constraints, and author of “The Goal” and several other influential books on business and supply chain topics.

Download SCDigest-Eli-Goldratt-Interview-Part-1.pdf (156 kb)

Download SCDigest-Eli-Goldratt-Interview-Part-2.pdf (125 kb)

Distribution in the Supply Chain

Discover “When Less is Much More” through the application of Dr. Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints (TOC) to warehouse distribution systems.

Download Distribution.pdf (290 kb)

How to Double Sales

Learn how to put the Theory of Constraints (TOC) to work to help your sales force double your sales.

Download How-to-double-sales-using-TOC.pdf (70 kb)

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Project Management and Multitasking

Most project environments fail to take resource contention into account when developing schedules. Not doing so indirectly obliges project participants to multitask. This has a devastating impact on productivity.

Download Project-management-and-multitasking.pdf (177 kb)

Incentive Plans

Do incentive plans work or do they take employees’ attention away from the goals of work?

Download Incentive-plans.pdf (40 kb)

Yearly Performance Appraisals:
Needless or Necessary?

A discussion on job performance and wage reviews.

Download Yearly-Performance-Appraisals.pdf (50 kb)

The Wonder of Efficiency

The effects of multitasking on employee performance.

Download The-Wonder-of-Efficiency.pdf (52 kb)

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How Make Your Brochure Sell
Your Organisation

How to turn a sheet of paper into a super salesperson for your organization.

Download Making-an-effective-brochure.pdf (65 kb)

Sales to Profit in four Years!

How to turn your existing sales equal to your profits in 4 years.

Download Sales-to-profit-in-4-years.pdf (65 kb)

The Five Diseases of Project Management

Why your projects are late and what to do about them

Download The-Five-Diseases-of-Project-Management.pdf (65 kb)

The Viable Vision explained

Dr. E. Goldratt explains the Viable Vision

Download ViableVisionLetter2005.pdf (65 kb)