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Client Testimonials

McNamara & Associates prides itself on delivering measurable results for our clients. But why take our word for it? Our clients will tell you.

Just wanted to thank you for your presentation, the feedback I received from participants was very positive, and certainly hit the mark. I suspect you provided a lot of take home messages, and made people think about the way they have approached things in the past. Well done!

— Peter Robichaud, Executive Director
Canadian Woodlands Forum

Bryan is very aggressive in his search for solutions to problems. He is skilled at opening issues for discussion at all levels of management and forcing the critical examination of problems and situations by all involved parties. We are both pleased and satisfied with the results obtained.

— Dave McKenzie, P.Eng.
Caradon Lock-Wood

During the course of the program, we uncovered some specific areas to which we will return and work to improve efficiencies, especially in the area of bulk rail receiving. Improved record keeping will help to identify better vs. worse suppliers of ingredients which will improve product quality and reduce unloading/receiving and transferring costs within the mill. We have begun to keep more useful production records in key processing areas (mixing, processing, bagging, pelleting, bag shipping) and through analysis will be able to make better decisions to improve efficiencies/reduce costs. You have shown great leadership through the process and I express appreciation on behalf of the entire team here.

— Ron Titus, Feed Operations Manager

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In 2005 we introduced Lean Manufacturing. Consultants worked with our employees to assess our processes and work flow with a view to be more efficient. Financial assistance from the MREDF assisted us in implementing these employee-generated recommendations, making us more competitive and maintaining jobs.

— Tim Dear, President
Military Maintenance and Parts Manufacturing Company

Bryan was instrumental in improving productivity, quality, yield and worker involvement in decision making. Labour (as a percentage of sales) dropped from 32% to 26% and in-process inventory was drastically reduced.

— John Ballard, P.Eng.
Dominion Chair Ltd

Through Bryan's work we have a more knowledgeable work force in the area of quality, customer service and self-management of their own work areas. Bryan's implementation of this project was thorough and the training was well received. His presentation style is dynamic and presented in a manner that is easily understood.

— Steve Kyle
Domtar Packaging

Since beginning the program the company sales and throughput have increased by some 9%. This has been accomplished without increasing our manpower. Based on the program results to date (and no appreciable decline in the market), we feel confident in projecting a further increase in throughput of 20% when this reorganization is put in place.

— Chris Martelle
Metal Fabrication Manufacturing Company

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Bryan facilitated in 20 production teams over a six-month period. They were successful in developing leadership, team-meeting skills, in evaluating processes and solving problems. One of the teams generated $1,000,000 of contribution.

— Robin Andrews
HUB Meat Packers Ltd

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We have implemented a majority of Bryan's suggestions and all have proven to be successful with results being measured almost immediately.

— Eric Fawcett
Kenwood Kitchens

Bryan has helped staff gain the skills, tools, philosophy and take ownership for solving problems. The biggest difference is we have confidence and control over our business and its growth and we know how to make things work. So much so that we are now ready to expand into the European market in time for our 40th year in business.

— Peggy and Joe MacLean
Clothing Manufacturer

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Bryan's interest in the work and his professional manner were the prime reasons the College received a very good response from the students completing the pilot course in Quality Concepts.

— John F. Hanusiak, P.Eng.
New Brunswick Community College

In the short time that Bryan has been here, we have seen measured improvement in production, yield and employee commitment. I would highly recommend Bryan's zeal and commitment to any project. Wood waste was reduced by 9% and manpower by 50%. Productivity has risen 48%!

— John Elaschuk
Rivenwood Furniture Ltd.

Having used your services, it made us concentrate and initiate changes to our plant and layout that will help us reach our projected goal, to double production.

— Martinus Rose
Royalty Hardwoods

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He has researched and applied the technique of "Just in Time" production to our floor and has reduced the delivery time from three weeks to two. Quality has improved and several problem solving teams have been formed using hourly workers from the floor. He has proven himself to be a valuable asset throughout our operation.

— Roger Fornier
Triangle Kitchen Ltd